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Prison Ministries

NCC Prison Ministry Day at Sacramento Central Church

NCC Prison Ministry Day at Sacramento Central Church 720 540 Julie Lorenz

On Sabbath, Oct. 23, the Sacramento Central church hosted NCC Prison Ministry Day, an in-person and online event providing inspiration and training. In addition to the morning sermon by Associate Pastor Mike Thompson, some highlights of the day included:

Weimar Campus company member Darren Greenfield gave a presentation about the ongoing efforts of Blade of Hope ministry to build a transitional home for released inmates in the Sacramento area.

Prison Ministries Director Willie Johnson presented Carmen and Victor Beale, West Sacramento church members, with the NCC Prison Ministry Volunteer Award for their many years of outstanding service in ministry and training (pictured).

The afternoon’s training focused on three areas: how to recognize your call and establish your ministry; the importance of respecting prison chaplains and officials; and the do’s and don’ts of prison and jail ministries.

At the end of the day, a number of people expressed their desire to become prison ministry volunteers, and plans are being made to train them in the near future. “I was impressed that prison ministry—a mandated work by our Savior—will grow in our conference,” said Johnson. “And Jesus can continue to say, ‘You visited Me!’”