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Lodi Schools Avert Disaster!

Lodi Schools Avert Disaster!

Lodi Schools Avert Disaster! 800 600 Ken Miller

The 22-day storm that recently bombarded California did not leave Lodi Academy and Elementary schools unscathed.

Lance Lemos, business manager, said, “We had about 9 inches of rain that completely saturated the soil. With that sogginess, the accompanying wind took down about six trees on the two campuses.”

The more significant trees included mature cedars and spruce that music teacher Jeanine Hanson remembers from the boarding school era – decades ago.

After the storm passed, cleanup started immediately. Volunteers and staff began cutting the trees into fireplace-sized wood to sell in a future fundraiser. The logs too big to cut were removed on trailers by volunteers.

Elementary principal Lisa Nuss said, “We hated to lose our beautiful trees out in front of the school. But God has a reason. What is amazing is that one tree fell just a foot away from our music building!”

Lemos concluded, “God sent all those trees in the right direction, thankfully avoiding building damage.”

Featured in Northern Lights, January26, 2023