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Hispanic Church Evangelism Exchange

Hispanic Church Evangelism Exchange

Hispanic Church Evangelism Exchange 854 697 Julie Lorenz

Recently, Hispanic pastors in the NCC and the Nevada-Utah Conference (NUC) participated in an evangelism exchange, which continues to impact lives.

In September, NCC pastors held week-long evangelistic meetings in eight NUC churches, and earlier this month, NUC pastors held meetings at the Fairfield, Hayward, Oakland, Richmond, Stockton, Vallejo, and Woodland Spanish churches. (One NUC pastor was unable to come, so Executive Secretary Jose Marin preached the series at the Lodi Spanish church.)

“The evangelistic exchange has borne fruit in a number of ways: 17 baptisms, 60 people who decided to take Bible studies, eight churches in each conference involved, and 16 pastors who have preached the gospel with power,” said Benjamín Carballo, NUC Hispanic ministries coordinator. “In addition, friendships formed between the pastors, and they had the opportunity to meet churches in a sister conference.”

The exchange was the idea of Alberto Ingleton, vice president for Hispanic ministries at the Pacific Union, which provided resources. Other conferences in the union are doing their own exchanges. “I think the idea is wonderful,” said Roman Leal, NCC Hispanic ministries coordinator. “During these difficult times, an exchange encourages the pastors, invigorates the church members, and helps more people become interested in the Good News.”

“We pray that God will continue to bless the evangelistic efforts of both conferences,” said Carballo.

Photo Caption: (Top) NCC Pastor Luís Fernando Manrique preaches in the Nueva Esperanza church in West Jordan, Utah. (Bottom) NUC Pastor Elias Juarez preaches in the Stockton Spanish church.