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Ed Fargusson Retires After 42 Years

Ed Fargusson Retires After 42 Years

Ed Fargusson Retires After 42 Years 777 874 Ken Miller

Ed Fargusson, Assistant to the President, announced his retirement on April 1 after 42 years in ministry, 40 of those with the Northern California Conference.

Fargusson joined the NCC in 1981 and pastored at Hayward, Alturas, Alameda, Tracy, and Roseville churches. He served shortly as the NCC Human Resources Director and became Assistant to three conference presidents.

He reflected, “The most exciting thing I have seen in pastoring churches and working in the administrative structure is how God changes people’s lives. I often say that serving God is like riding a roller coaster in the front seat. It’s a fun ride, but you are not in control.”

Jim Lorenz, Ministerial Director, stated, “Ed brought a varied background to his role as Assistant to the president. Besides pastoring for many years, he served at the Church State Council and was the NCC HR director. Since he spent most of his career in the NCC, his institutional knowledge is without parallel. Because of this—and his outgoing personality—he knows nearly everyone, his retirement will leave big shoes to fill.”

Marc Woodson, President, added, “We will miss Ed’s values, his contagious kindness, always with a smile on his face. Ed has a servants heart, answering all the calls to service without complaint. He is a passionate hard worker that exemplifies the values of God, the church and the Northern California Conference.”

With Anne, his wife of 42 years, Fargusson intends to travel and spend time with family. He hints that he will do some contract coaching with churches and continue to teach and preach the Good News of salvation.

Featured in Northern Lights, April 4, 2024