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Dr. Leslie Anderson Passes to His Rest

Dr. Leslie Anderson Passes to His Rest

Dr. Leslie Anderson Passes to His Rest 547 547 Ken Miller

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Leslie Anderson, a member of Oakland Immanuel Temple.

Anderson joined the NCC in 1977 as the director of Inner Cities and Community Service Ministries. He was instrumental in the success of inner-city summer programs and vacation bible schools of his era. He was also crucial in providing resources of food, clothing, and financial help for families in need.

During his career, Anderson conducted seminars for disaster preparedness and provided continuing education classes for healthcare workers at Redwood Camp Meeting. After 24 years of service, he retired in 2001.

Marc Woodson, NCC president, said, “I am so proud that Dr. Anderson’s legacy will continue to be a part of our conference’s story. We remain committed to caring about our communities and ministering to those often overlooked. May Leslie Anderson’s life and ministry inspire us all as we hasten the soon coming of Jesus.”

On January 19, 2023, he passed away peacefully, with family by his side.

Featured in Northern Lights, February 9, 2023