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Oakland Market Street Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Oakland Market Street Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Oakland Market Street Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary 2000 1125 Ken Miller

On November 4, 2023, the Oakland Market Street Church marked a significant milestone—its centennial celebration of spreading the gospel. Jose Marin, NCC Executive Secretary, expressed his honor at being part of this momentous occasion. He acknowledged the church’s profound impact on the African-American community in Northern California and its broader influence across the Pacific Union throughout the past century.

Since its establishment in November 1923, the church has stood as a pillar of faith in its current location. Members, guests, and church leaders celebrated under the three-fold theme: Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Preparing for the Kingdom.

Rudy Peters, NCC African American Ministries Coordinator, highlighted the enduring legacy of Market Street, stating, “The Market Street church has been connecting people to an abundant life in Jesus Christ for generations, with several families now serving in this same community.”

The festivities commenced on November 1 with a Wednesday night celebration featuring the Precious Memory Choir performing a specially crafted 100th-anniversary theme song by Derrick Hall, Dr. Joyce Johnson, and Sanara Fulmore.

President of the North American Division, G. Alexander Bryant, delivered the keynote address, making the occasion even more memorable. Senior pastor Edwin Frederick Brown described the celebration as a glorious day filled with gratitude and praise to God. Kai Simone Hodges, church youth pastor, said the event felt like a grand family reunion, brimming with memories and love.

NCC President Marc Woodson expressed, “It was a joy and an honor to celebrate 100 years of ministry with the Market Street Church. Market Street is a historic church and the oldest African-American congregation in our conference. It was an inspirational weekend and a great time of reunion! I was so glad I could participate in the festivities.”

Featured in Northern Lights, November 16, 2023