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Summer On The Run

Summer On The Run

Summer On The Run 2000 1125 Ken Miller

The NCC Youth Department recently concluded its Summer on the Run traveling caravan of fun and evangelism.

This annual summer outreach program served almost 800 youth at ten locations throughout our territory. Eddie Heinrich, NCC youth director, stated, “It was an outstanding summer connecting with not only our Adventist kids but countless others in each community we visited.”

One of the larger turnouts the last two summers has been the days spent at the Crescent City church. This year, 124 local children came to play on the waterslide and engage in the activities.

Doors were specially opened when the troupe arrived in Vallejo, California. Heinrich noted, “What began with a cool yet professional reception from the public park system turned enthusiastic when officials realized that we were coming to serve the youth of their community for free. They even cut the fee in half to set up at the park. The Holy Spirit was certainly moving there.”

Heinrich concluded, “The response to this outreach never ceases to amaze me.

Featured in Northern Lights, August 7, 2023