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Black History is American History

Black History is American History

Black History is American History 1030 1402 Ken Miller

Social Justice and Emancipation is the title of the black history month study guide. It came about as a project envisioned by Drs. Calvin B. Rock and Mervyn A. Warren. It was written for churches and schools that want to study what the Word of God says about Emancipation.

Multiple authors, such as Barry Black, chaplain of the U.S Senate, provide lesson studies that inform and inspire on subjects such as the context of Old Testament enslavement, the interaction of Biblical nations of African heritage, and how God’s power, grace, and redemption plan permeate the lives of diverse cultures time and again.

Progressively the study guide showcases peoples, nations, and heroes of the Bible who were of African and middle eastern descent and gives proof and hope that the people of God are intended to be of one body and one mission.

Marc Woodson, NCC president, and contributing author said, “This is the second guide on social justice. I felt it a privilege and honor to be a contributor. It is essential to tell the story of black history, which is American history.”

In its second year as a guide, Woodson has been invited to present the lesson he authored via Zoom to the Lake Region Conference, South Atlantic Conference, Allegheny East Conference, and the Bermuda Conference.

Locally, Sacramento Academy offered it as a lunchtime bible study guided by Carmichael associate pastor Benji Ferguson. He stated, “As a pastor, I’m so impressed with the scholarship and content of the study guide. I am seeing things from angles I should have noticed before and enjoying the scope of scripture for my students.”

Featured in Northern Lights, February 23, 2023