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Surfing Trip Creates Unity

Surfing Trip Creates Unity

Surfing Trip Creates Unity 2000 1125 Ken Miller

The Carmichael church has facilitated a mid-summer surfing trip to Santa Cruz for nearly ten years, open to youth and parents.

About sixty surfers, primarily beginners, some experienced, from several churches and schools, attended this year. Even a few recently graduated seniors, and college students made the trek. The surfing, setting, and friendships are a strong glue that makes this trip memorable.

Benji Ferguson, Carmichael church associate pastor, and trip leader, stated, “This trip is super fun and provides a great bonding experience for kids in the summer. Events like this are more than fun; they are important to pastors, teachers, and parents to help connect the church with our young people.”

This spiritual connection is not lost on Sacramento Academy senior ­­­Simon Tache who stated, “Beyond the surfing and hanging out with friends, this trip is time for me to disconnect and reflect on God, nature and find a personal peace.”

Garrison Chaffee, PUC church associate pastor, remarked, “It’s refreshing to worship amidst God’s nature at the beach. Because parents are also invited, it offers a really cool intergenerational experience. We pray these experiences will pay long-term dividends, keeping our students tied to Jesus and their church families.”

Sometimes, when the waves are not big enough or don’t come at all, you can see groups of friends on their boards, linked together and having fun in the ocean. They laugh, splash each other, toss seaweed around, and even pretend to catch waves. But when a great wave comes, ten to fifteen of them paddle hard to catch it, surf it, wipe out, and cheer each other on. One parent watched this all afternoon and commented, “Bonding.”

Chaffee summed up the trip, “I love when youth groups get together because it builds relationships and unity between the students and our churches. It creates meaningful memories that will resonate in each person’s life and hopefully keep them returning to church.”

Featured in Northern Lights, August 3, 2023