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Yreka Students Are All About Science

Yreka Students Are All About Science

Yreka Students Are All About Science 1929 1020 Ken Miller

This year, the Yreka school enjoyed an extensive science program led by substitute-teacher Jessica Earl. The program covered different aspects of science, with a heavy emphasis on the ocean’s life and energy.

Students had the opportunity to study waves, tides, and currents during trips to Albion Field Station and Crescent City. They explored tide pools and engaged in other science adventures, marveling at God’s creation.

In May, the school held its Science Fair in the gym. K-1 students showcased 13 experiments, including launching a model rocket, causing a Mentos candy explosion, and creating a lava lamp. Meanwhile, grades 2-4 worked in small groups, researching and presenting reports on various types of energy, such as optics, sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, and thermodynamics.

In contrast, grades 5-8 students each chose a scientist to report on, and during the fair, they dressed up as the respective scientists. They then fielded questions based on the finding that person was known for.

All students were eager to share their discoveries with visitors, who learned a lot from the students’ presentations. The program was a great success, with students becoming teachers and imparting knowledge to all.

Featured in Northern Lights, June 8, 2023