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Women's Ministries
Statement on Women’s Issues

Statement on Women’s Issues

This statement was approved and voted by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Administrative Committee (ADCOM) and was released by the Office of the President, Robert S. Folkenberg, at the General Conference session in Utrecht, the Netherlands, June 29-July 8, 1995.
A Statement on Women’s Issues

Seventh-day Adventists believe that all people, male and female, are created equal, in the image of a loving God. We believe that both men and women are called to fill a significant role in accomplishing the primary mission of the Adventist Church: working together for the benefit of humanity. Yet we are painfully aware that throughout the world, in developing and developed nations, adverse societal conditions often inhibit women from fulfilling their God-given potential.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has identified several major problems, well-documented by research, that often keep women from making valuable contributions to society. Stress, the environment, and increased demands have placed women at greater risk for health problems. Poverty and heavy workloads not only deprive women of their ability to enjoy life, but also impair their physical and spiritual well-being. Family violence takes a heavy toll on its victims.

Women are entitled to the God-given privileges and opportunities intended for every human being—the right to literacy, to education, to adequate health care, to decision making, and to freedom from mental, physical, or sexual abuse. We also maintain that women should play an increased role in the leadership and decision-making bodies of both church and society.

Ultimately, we believe that the church will fulfill its mission only when women are empowered to achieve their full potential.

NAD Focus on Women’s Issues
Every woman in the North American Division experiencing a radical, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.2)  “A MINISTRY FOR EVERY WOMAN”
Every woman in the church being involved in some kind of ministry (service).3)  LEADERSHIP TRAINING FOR WOMEN
The Passionate Leader  (unions partnering with NAD Women’s Ministries for training events)
GC Women’s Miistries Leadership Certification, Level 1,2,3.4)  “TELL YOUR WORLD”
Mission projects in your community, conference or union.
Evangelism in North America by women.
Being intentional about inviting women for the community and non-attending memmbers to all women’s ministries activities
Getting involved in your own community.5)  ABUSE PREVENTION AND EDUCATION6)  RECLAIMING WOMEN
(and therefore families) who have stopped attending church.using Heart Call.7)  MENTORING AND INVOLVING YOURNG WOMEN, GIRLS AND TEENS

and Women of Spirit Magazine at all retreats and convocations, as well as on the local Church level.


The Working Policy for the Department of Women’s Ministries is described as follows and shall be amended by the Women’s Ministries Department of the North American Division.Responsibility: The (conference name) Conference Department of Women’s Ministries functions under the direction of the (conference name) President.

Purpose: The purpose of the department is to address the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of women enhancing their potential for more effective roles in their families, churches, professions and communities.


1. To encourage and assist each woman in developing a strong personal relationship with Christ.

2. To provide a network among women within the local church that encourages friendship, nurturing and mutual support.

3. To address the concerns of each woman, single or married, that she may be enabled to reach her full potential.

4. To challenge each woman to expand her ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with her family, friends, and all people in her area of influence.

5. Representative to needs of women ministries leaders.

Conference Women’s Ministries Director

The Conference Women’s Ministries Director shall serve as manager and director of the Women’s Ministries department and chairperson of the Women’s Ministries Conference Advisory.

She shall also serve as liaison to the Conference President. She is responsible for the allocation of resources as per the dispensed budget in conjunction with her conference treasury department.

The director shall be elected at the respective conference constituency session or appointed by the respective Conference Executive Committee as are all departmental directors. The conference women’s director should serve on conference committee as do other department directors

Women’s Ministries Conference Advisory Committee

The Women’s Ministries Conference Advisory Committee shall consist of 12-30 members representing the geographical districts of the (name of conference) so far as is practical.

The Women’s Ministries Conference Advisory Committee will meet as specified by the conference director, which could be as often as every month or quarterly, to assist the Women’s Ministries Director in developing and providing overall planning, leadership, communication in carrying out specific duties and events.

The Women’s Ministries Committee should be representative of the wide spectrum of the female membership of the conference and should take into consideration representations of various ages, ethnic origins, lay persons, pastors’ wives, etc.
The term of office for members of said committee is as follows.

The term of office shall be from two to five years to coincide with the respective Sessions of each conference. All members, may be selected during the year of the conference constituency session.

A member should not have over two (2) consecutive unexcused absences from regularly scheduled meetings. Should removal of a member occur due to absences, a member can be reinstated by a majority or two-thirds vote of the Women’s Ministries Advisory Committee.