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Women's Ministries
Keynote Speaker Guidelines

Keynote Speaker Guidelines

Both Northern California Conference Women’s Ministries and North American Division Women’s Ministries seek to ensure that all our events are positive and uplifting experiences, for the women who attend. We also desire that our programs uphold the beliefs and standards of the Seventh‑day Adventist Church. To a great degree this challenge is a responsibility of the plenary speakers.

Our goal is to empower women to become the best they can be, while at the same time cultivating speakers who will be a blessing to all who attend our events.

Therefore, we are asking that you, as a potential speaker, agree to the following:

All speaker’s reimbursements, fees and expenses will be discussed and decided upon prior to the event.

Hotel/motel and meal arrangements will be made by the sponsoring organization.

Transportation to and from airports will be arranged and provided by the sponsoring organization.

Criticism of the Seventh‑day Adventist Church, its leaders and church entities will not be a part of your presentations.

In all presentations, the sanctity of marriage and family will be upheldand encouraged.

The love of Christ and His caring ministry will be reflected in all presentations.

Sensitivity to the convictions and beliefs of the audience will be respected.

Speaker’s delivery and appearance will reflect respect and professionalism.

Speaker will adhere to time constraints given by the coordinator.

Speaker will adhere to the theme agreed upon.

Please contact Mary Jo Lauderdale for more information: 530-345-4335 or maryjo.lauderdale@nccsda.com.