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Women's Ministries
Turning Points

Turning Points

1. “Confessions of a Chaotic Heart”

2.“Hope for Over-Attempters”

3. “Live Your ONE Life Well”

Past Conferences

“Turning Points: Eye of the Storm”

November 2019, Redding Adventist Academy
Dorothy Means, Director of Women’s Ministries for the Pacific Union Conference
2019 Turning Points North

“A Ministry for Every Woman: Growing Relationships”, Redding Adventist Academy

Carissa McSherry, Evangelism Teacher with Amazing Facts
2018 Leadership Training Conference
“Turning Points: Keeping Balance in an Unbalanced World”
Melody Darrow, Associate/Youth Pastor, Mountain View Church, Las Vegas

2017 Leadership Training Conference

“Turning Points: Creating Extraordinary Relationships, the Journey of a Lifetime”
Dr. Arlene Taylor, Founder and President, Realizations, Inc.

2016 Leadership Training Conference

“Turning Points: Healing Hearts for Ministry”
Shantel Smith,  Pacific Union College Associate Chaplain

2015 Leadership Training Conference

“Turning Points: How We Serve”
Dorothy Means,  Pacific Union Conference Women’s Ministry Director

2014 Leadership Training Conference

“The Incredible JESUS & the Unique You”
Donna Jackson,  North American Division Spouses Association Coordinator

2013 Leadership Training Conference

“A Ministry for Every Woman”
Carla Baker, NAD Ministerial Spouses Association Leader

2011 Leadership Training Conference

“A Ministry for Every Woman”
Carla Baker, NAD Women’s Ministerial Director

2009 Leadership Training Conference

“One Voice, One Vision, One Mission”
Raquel Costa Arrais, GC Assistant Director

2005 Leadership Training Conference

“The Passionate Leader”
Mary Maxson, Pastor Paradise, CA; former NAD Women’s Ministries Director

2003 Leadership Training Conference
“Women Mentoring Women”
Bonnie Reimers

Past Events