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Women's Ministries
Women of Wisdom (WOW)
Addressing the Issues In Open Forums

Women of Wisdom (WOW)
Addressing the Issues In Open Forums

At the present time, we are establishing teams of women that will be made up of councilors, nurse practitioners, teachers and women of experience to conduct FORUMS and provide information in our Northern California Churches for Women’s Ministries on issues such as:

Women’s Health Issues
Grief & Loss
Marriage & Family
Domestic Violence
Teen Problems
Adult Children Who No Longer Attend Church
Sexual Issues

If you would be interested in having a team conduct a Sabbath Afternoon Forum at your Church for Women’s Ministries, contact Mary Jo Lauderdale, (maryjo.lauderdale@nccsda.com, 530-345-4335).

Please ask the ladies of your church to submit questions in advance on 3 x 5 cards.  This will insure confidentiality. Questions can be asked at the time of forum also.

The teams will bring materials relevant to the subjects being discussed.