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Congo Widows Mission Project

Congo Widows Mission Project

The idea for the NCC Congo Widows Mission Project came from a chance meeting in the cafeteria at the 2010 General Conference Session in Atlanta. NCC Women’s Ministries coordinator Mary Jo Lauderdale met Pastor Gasore “Jean” Bazungu, ministerial secretary of the North East Congo Attached Territory. As they talked, Pastor Bazungu described the great needs of the 450,000 widows in his territory, including numerous Seventh-day Adventists. Many women have lost their husbands due to wars and HIV/AIDS. Others have been abandoned by their husbands after the women were assaulted by tribal enemies. Pastor Bazungu wept as he described how these women struggle to provide for themselves and their children.

Since then, the NCC Women’s Ministries Advisory Board has been raising money to help the widows. Some of these funds have been used to buy hundreds of goats. The income provided by a herd of three goats can make a Congolese woman and her children self-sufficient. A group of local people purchase and oversee the distribution and training process for the widows to receive the animals.

Why Give Goats?

  • Goats are a valuable asset for families and communities around the world, but many people cannot afford them.
  • Goats can graze even on poor, dry land unsuitable for other livestock.
  • Goat milk can be made into cheese or yogurt to be sold.
  • Goat manure can be used to fertilize gardens and fields.
  • Goats have two or three kids per year, and the offspring can be sold or used to start a small herd.
  • Families can use the extra money to pay for food, medicine and education.
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Make a Difference!

In addition to providing goats, this mission project helps support church, school, and water well projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Join us in making a difference in these widows’ lives.

  • By Check – Send a check to NCC Women’s Ministries, Congo Widows Mission Project, P.O. Box 23165, Pleasant Hill, CA  94523. Make checks out to “NCC Congo Widows Mission Project.”
  • By Tithe Envelope – Place cash or a check in a tithe envelope, mark it “NCC Congo Widows Mission Project” and put the envelope in your church’s offering plate.
  • Online – Click here to log in to Adventist Giving.
  • With Your Prayers – Keep the widows and orphans of the Congo in your prayers.