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Ukrainian Response

Ukrainian Response

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News From Our Territory

Ukrainian Response
Although the Ukraine is on the other side of the world, the crisis impacts our members locally.

With the only Ukrainian Church in the Pacific Union and one of the few Slavic Churches, both our congregations are “feeling the impact of this war.” states Jim Lorenz, ministerial director.

Lorenz continues “Many, if not most (of our members), have family caught in this horrible situation. Both of our Ukrainian pastors, Roman Tsyganiuk and Andriy Mykhalovskyy, have close family still in the country.”

There are local churches and schools, agencies, and individuals responding to the crisis. “We have chosen to support ADRA because of their response in the region,” explains Marc Woodson, president.

As Lorenz suggests,” Consider reaching out to our two churches- Sacramento Slavic and Sacramento Ukrainian.” He continues, “Last Sabbath, several of our Sacramento-area churches provided lunch to these two churches so the members would know they are not alone.”

Although not as a dramatic as the images on the news, this just under 2 minute video shows the type of response and the people involved. Watch here.

Developing Christ-like Character in Every Student

The Northern California Conference connects people to an abundant life with Jesus and prepares them for the Second Coming. Our Office of Education transforms knowledge to wisdom, relationships to character, and skills to service for God. Our schools provide a strong academic program, and our dedicated educators not only transmit knowledge but also focus on developing Christ-like character in every student that include the following behavioral values:

passionate hard work
contagious kindness
a servant’s heart

Written by pastors, educators, parents, board members, or the children themselves, the below observations highlight only a few of our students (more stories to come in future issues of Northern Lights).

To protect the identity of the child only first names and grade levels are shared.

Story submitted by Christian, an eighth-grader:

“Camille is a seventh-grade student who is my best friend and is a servant of our school and Jesus. She loves to help out wherever she is needed and goes above and beyond to help others. She has demonstrated true commitment to serving Jesus and is also one of the kindest students in the entire school.”

Imagine Christian and Camille when they are adults?

Jessica is an eighth-grader at a small country school. Even though the school is small, it is mighty with students like her. She exudes happiness and kindness toward all and is focused on getting the best grades.

When asked what she wants to become, Jessica responds, “I want to be a doctor, so I can be of service to others.”

How do we support Jessica to fulfill her dreams?

Joshua is a senior. He has a servant’s heart, and it is demonstrated in the time he devotes to conserving California’s big trees. He communicates this important message through photography, school projects, and worship presentations to his peers.

As Joshua shares, “We all need to do our part to save our forests so that birds can continue to have sustainable habitats.”

How can we ensure Joshua’s efforts have the greatest impact?

Joey and Preston are seventh-graders who demonstrate passionate hard work and a servant’s heart as they prepare for the school’s first skate night.

These two boys, on their own volition, worked to clean, lace, and organize the skates as well as the storage room so the school would be ready for a successful event.

Imagine Joey and Preston as adults and how they will transmit God’s love to others?

Jude is a seventh-grader and deacon at church who has a true passion to serve. He volunteered his Sunday mornings to delivering wood to the many community residents who lost electricity during a snowstorm.

Jude said, “It was hard work, but I enjoyed seeing the wood pile grow and knowing it’s helping people.”

How can we be more like Jude when it comes to serving others?

Juan is an eighth-grader at this school. As a new student this year, Juan shows kindness to everyone, regardless of their age. He welcomes students to join a game and is dedicated to completing his work before moving on to the next task.

Juan shared, “I like helping because I like to see people happy.”

Imagine how different our world would be if we all where motivated to make others happy?


Editors Note: The below image was shared with me by my spiritual mentor, Audrey Graham via a text message.

Audrey is an incredible, accomplished, God-fearing, and dedicated woman who I had the privilege to meet.

As a full time mom to a driven and happy 5-year-old and a full time professional, receiving this message on March 8 revived my spirit and reminded me how much God loves me.

I encourage you, the reader, to do the same to other women in your life, especially this month.


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