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Marc Woodson

A Call To Sore Arms… And Backs

A Call To Sore Arms… And Backs 2000 1125 Ken Miller

November 14- was the conference office’s quarterly community service day.

Most of the office staff, directors, and leadership met at Mahany Park in Roseville to help revitalize and beautify the park. The day had three main jobs: painting two equipment sheds, planting approximately twenty-five shrubs and flowers, and spreading 130 cubic yards of forest mulch in the flower beds.

According to Ken Miller site director, and assistant to the director of communication and development, “A 130-yard pile of mulch is equivalent to a full-sized Greyhound bus!”

Workers shoveled the ground cover into two-wheeled garden carts and moved material to flower beds around the two-acre parking lot.

By 2:30 pm, all the flowers were in the ground, the painting was done, and the mulch was distributed. Marc Woodson, president exclaimed, “I am so proud of our conference staff and their hard work today. They exhibited our core values of passionate hard work and a servant’s heart, and I saw many acts of kindness. Many hands indeed make light work.”

Denise Brummund, accountant clerk said, “I was so amazed at how much fun we had with each other and the amount of work we accomplished.”

Brian Castelluccio, Roseville Parks, Recreation & Libraries Superintendent wrote, “Your team jumped right in and I was blown away by how efficient they were. Mahany Regional Park looks refreshed, and we are already receiving great compliments. You have a great group of people working there.”

Featured in Northern Lights November 17, 2022

Deer Park ACS Back From The Ashes

Deer Park ACS Back From The Ashes 1200 675 nccsadmin

On a cloudy, cool Napa Valley morning, the newly rebuilt ACS Center in Deer Park opened its doors just 4 months after final plans were approved.

“Because of the new Napa County building codes, it looked like the Center would not be allowed to be rebuilt,” stated Vincent Saunders, the newly installed head pastor at The Haven church.

“Because of its historical significance and important role in the community,” stated Diane Dillion, Napa County Supervisor, at the ribbon cutting ceremony on October 16, “We needed this center back in the community. I am pleased the doors are now open!”

Over 100 people gathered on opening day. Susy Ermshar, a long-time community resident said, “I am so thrilled to have the center back! It serves many in the community and is a blessing to all of us.”

Saunders continued, “I have watched the center emerge from the ashes and the hand of God working to restore this ministry.”

Marc Woodson, president, stated at the ceremony, “This ministry is the hands and feet of Jesus and, in its unique way, connects people to Christ.”

Featured in Northern Lights • October 27, 2022