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Leoni Meadows

Adventurers Go International

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Recently, 39 families from Adventurer clubs around the conference spent the weekend at Leoni Meadows.

Todo el Mundo en Su Mano Está – He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands was the theme for the Spanish language 2022 Adventurer Family Fun Weekend. Families worshipped God and engaged in activities teaching International Studies, the Olympics, and Country Fun; subjects that are part of the SDA Adventurer curriculum.

Barry van Iderstein director of children and family ministries said, “It was a huge blessing to host this annual event again after the pandemic derailed it.”

The English-language event which was postponed due to a power outage at Leoni Meadows will be rescheduled soon.

Featured in Northern Lights November 10, 2022

Academy In The Mountains

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By Rio Lindo Junior Kaia Miller

Almost 200 Junior and Senior academy students from Northern gathered at Leoni Meadows on the weekend of October 22 for an annual spiritual retreat.

Students enjoyed worship services, group discussions, and time outside in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains forming friendships and learning how to be community-relevant at their schools.

Rio Lindo Senior Isabella Wilmes said, “This weekend taught me much about who I am and how I best connect with God.” Lodi Academy Junior Madie Johnson shared a similar sentiment; she said, “The musical worship part of the event really made me feel the presence of God.”

Eddie Heinrich, director of youth ministries said, “The Junior Senior Retreat is a way to bring a personal relationship with Jesus into focus, nurturing contagiously kind students with a servant’s heart.”

Featured in Northern Lights November 3, 2022