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Leif Cano

Leif Cano Ordained

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Leif Cano, the youth pastor at the Placerville church, was ordained on Sabbath, October 22.

An avid musician and energetic leader, Cano is a passionate, hard worker. According to Jim Lorenz, ministerial director, “One of the neat things about Leif are the kids he has impacted for Christ—turning their lives around and influencing them to attend Adventist schools, colleges, or universities.”

Cano said, “The youth of today are tired of religion but have a passion for helping others that needs to be nourished. Our ministry draws about 80% non-Adventists from public schools. We teach them about Jesus Christ, inviting the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.”

Leif and his wife Kenia have been married for nine years, and they have two children: Giovanni, 5, and Lyannah, 3.

Featured in Northern Lights November 3, 2022