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Stockton’s Soapy Service

Stockton’s Soapy Service

Stockton’s Soapy Service 1893 981 Ken Miller

September 24- The Stockton Central Church sponsored a community car wash put on by the church youth leaders.

David Peckham, lead pastor, explained, “This event was designed to engage with our neighborhood and as a fundraiser for the youth department. We did not charge a fee for each washed car but accepted donations, and many cars queued up for a scrub.”

The enthusiastic washers scurried around each car, quickly soaping, rinsing, and drying cars. While waiting, drivers could peruse a rummage sale in the gymnasium, hosted by the primary sabbath school parents and children.

Peckham continued, “One visitor who had his truck washed exclaimed that he was impressed by such a positive experience and how impressive it was to see youth working so hard. After his truck was dried, he left the site and returned later with a flat of bottled water as a gift for all the workers!”

One parent stated, “This was a unique opportunity to engage the community, for families to work together for a good cause, and mentor our youth to work with passion and a purpose.”

Featured in Northern Lights, October 12, 2023