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Risk Management Safety Awards
NCC Safe School Award
We help safeguard churches, schools, and other ministries by mitigating the risk of loss on many levels, not only the physical assets God has made us stewards of, but our most precious assets – people.

NCC Safe School Awards

Schools meriting this seal and award for safety demonstrate an ongoing commitment to its children’s, staff’s, and visitors’ safety, especially when it comes to the children. In order to receive this seal, a school must:

  1. Turn in all necessary forms pertaining to safety including self-inspection, AHERA, challenge, and safety committee reports turned in on a timely basis
  2. Properly vet all volunteers through Live Scan and Sterling Volunteers
  3. To the best of knowledge, provide accurate asbestos reporting and follow AHERA guidelines if they apply and sending out the annual notices to all parents. This involves properly testing any disturbed material, or before disturbing, through a certified, third-party. This also involves properly testing/remedying any level 5 hazards on a report
  4. Have written disaster/emergency plans
  5. Perform safety drills in accordance with the schedule listed on the NCC school self-inspection sheets
  6. Follow adequate vehicle guidelines including, but not limited to, following federal bus guidelines, and making sure all employee and non-employee drivers are properly screened before being allowed to drive students. PLEASE NOTE: Live Scan does not do driver background checks so you must either use Sterling Volunteers or another agency to do driver checks on employees
  7. Have no significant safety violations

Schools will be awarded after the end of the school year in accordance with performance for that school year. Awards will include, at a minimum, a nice framed certificate that can be mounted on the lobby wall as well as a clickable icon seal that can be placed on the school’s website that a visitor to the website can click on directing them to let them know the high standards of safety that the school holds to. This seal can also be put on other printed materials/media for marketing/PR purposes. Deadline is soon after the deadline for necessary forms at the end of the school year for the next school year.

Schools – How to Apply for Award:

Email riskmgmt@nccsda.com with the subject heading “Safety Award – [school’s name]” along with the following info:

  1. Did your school turn in all necessary forms per the due date? (if not, please explain)
  2. State whether or not the school utilizes Live Scan and Sterling Volunteers for all qualifying volunteers?
  3. Did your school provide accurate information for the AHERA reporting and follow all AHERA guidelines in regard to disturbance and level 5 or above hazards as stated above?
  4. Did your school perform safety drills per the schedule stated on the NCC school self-inspection forms?
  5. Does your school properly vet all drivers, employees and non-employees and follow transportation guidelines as mentioned above? (PLEASE NOTE: Live Scan does not qualify for employees since driver checks are not performed)
  6. Are you aware of any safety concerns or violations that arose within the school year?
  7. Attach a copy of written emergency/disaster plans

Know that an audit will be made to make sure that information provided is accurate.