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Risk Management Safety Awards
NCC Church Safety Awards
We help safeguard churches, schools, and other ministries by mitigating the risk of loss on many levels, not only the physical assets God has made us stewards of, but our most precious assets – people.

NCC Church Safety Awards

Those churches that merit this seal of the church safety awards are those churches that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to its members’ and visitors’ safety, especially when it comes to children. In order to receive this seal, a church must:

  1. Have at least an appointed safety officer
  2. Properly vet all qualified volunteers typically through Sterling Volunteers
  3. Perform routine safety inspections along with evidence of follow-up for safety concerns pointed out in the inspections
  4. Have written disaster/emergency plans
  5. Perform safety drills (taking part in the annual Safety Sabbath in March is highly advisable)
  6. Have no significant safety violations

Awards will include, at a minimum, a nice framed certificate that can be mounted on the lobby wall as well as a clickable icon seal that can be placed on the church’s website that a visitor to the website can click on directing them to let them know the high standards of safety that the church holds to. This seal can also be put on other printed materials/media for outreach/PR purposes.

Churches – How to Apply for Award:

Email riskmgmt@nccsda.com with the subject heading “Safety Award – [church’s name]” along with the following info:

  1. Name of safety officer and whether there is a safety committee or not (whether an actual committee is needed depends on the size of the church and since this may be a bit subjective, it is not a requirement for this award)
  2. State whether or not the church utilizes Sterling Volunteers for all qualifying volunteers (leadership roles and any role directly involving minors). If not, is any other service utilized and which one (i.e. LiveScan)
  3. Did your church take part in the annual Safety Sabbath in March?
  4. Has your church been involved with any serious safety concerns or violations within the last year period?
  5. Attach a copy of a self-inspection done within the last three months along with any statement/evidence of follow-up on any safety issues pointed out in the self-inspection
  6. Attach a copy of written emergency/disaster plans