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Restoring Dignity

Restoring Dignity 1600 1200 Ken Miller

Pleasant Hill Church recently received a significant addition to its community services toolbox: a brand-new shower trailer. A decade in the making, this idea is the culmination of several iterations, community research, and generous donations.

Mitch Williams, pastor, articulated, “The necessity for hygiene services for the unsheltered was glaringly apparent. Our team already provides food to approximately 100 individuals weekly, and we had a profound understanding of the need. This trailer represents the next phase of our community service, a step towards restoring dignity and enhancing well-being.”

Through collaboration with various organizations, members explored the initiatives of other churches and ministries in their respective areas. A team even ventured to Loma Linda, working alongside a similar ministry to glean the best practices. Armed with this knowledge, a generous grant, and local church fundraising, they were able to procure a 26-foot trailer equipped with four bathrooms and showers.

On the first Sabbath of each month, the trailer will be available for service at the church. Hygiene kits, haircuts, and other volunteer services will also be available. A volunteer stated, “As we learn better how to serve each person, we hope to expand our service radius.”

Foreground, Left to Right: Miguel Verazas, Youth Pastor, Marc Woodson, NCC President, Mitch Williams, Pastor

Featured in Northern Lights, May 2, 2024