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Pathfinders Descend on Napa!

Pathfinders Descend on Napa!

Pathfinders Descend on Napa! 1200 675 nccsadmin

After three years of not having an in-person Pathfinder Fair, 300 plus eager youth descended on the Napa Campus of Christian Education.

Pathfinders demonstrated drilling and marching skills, earned honors, participated in archery, and many other fun activities. For many younger participants, this fair was a new experience.

Terry Parsons of the Paradise Prayer Warriors club recounted how their club has been affected by not only the COVID delay but the Camp Fire as well. “Our kids were ready to do this!” she said.

The Paradise club was also in charge of a new honor at the event named, “Toy Boat Regatta”. The honor requires building a toy boat made of a french-fry tray, playdough, straw and a paper sail. Blowing through the straw propels the boat over the water to the finish line. Parsons related how their leaders “worked hard all day directing the popular event.”

According to Eddie Heinrich, director of youth and pathfinder ministries, “This event engaged our Pathfinder youth to excellence in earning their honors, sharing passionate hard work and making new friends.

Featured in Northern Lights • May 12, 2022