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Missional Church Planting

Missional Church Planting

Missional Church Planting 2000 1125 Ken Miller

For several weeks, groups have been meeting in churches to strategize and train.

The attendees are volunteers, each called by the Holy Spirit to step out in faith. Their ages range from young to old, appearances grizzled to refined, and personalities subdued to outgoing. Their quest will be to plant missional church groups in their neighborhoods.

Kevin Robert, evangelism director, said, “Several groups will be creating micro-churches in their communities. These groups will engage neighborhoods with a New-Testament style work where every day is an outreach and Sabbath is to celebrate the weekly work, a day of mercy and blessing.”

Robert continued, “This missional and incarnational living is modeled after the church of Acts and was heavily encouraged by Mrs. White. Instead of fitting church into their lives, workers will focus on serving every day within their community; it will be their life and lifestyle.”

One of the goals of these micro-churches is to reach parts of communities that traditional services cannot.

Featured in Northern Lights, February 23, 2023