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Ministry Leaders Get Support and Training

Ministry Leaders Get Support and Training

Ministry Leaders Get Support and Training 920 1018 nccsadmin

Recently three of our departments hosted weekend events to provide resources to local ministry leaders.

The Women’s Ministries Department hosted a leadership workshop to spiritually strengthen and help reconnect women in ministry. This event offered practical tools and techniques to revive ministries and connect volunteers after two difficult years of pandemic restrictions.

Angela Fusilier, director of women’s ministries, said, “The web of connection activity highlighted the importance and value of networking and pooling resources. Judging from the feedback of our fifty women leaders, the weekend was a great success.”

At Leoni Meadows, youth director Eddie Henrich with children and family ministry director Barry van Iderstein, led the Pathfinder and Adventurer Leadership Convention.

According to van Iderstein, “Our main theme and purpose was making sure our Pathfinder, and Adventurer groups are meeting the spiritual needs of our children through club ministries. Each event presenter was specifically chosen to support, inspire, and equip leaders to advance the spiritual growth of children.”

Featured in Northern Lights • September 15, 2022