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Light Up the Night!

Light Up the Night!

Light Up the Night! 2560 1920 Julie Lorenz

On October 31, the Pleasant Hill church invited families to an event called “Light Up the Night,” an alternative to Halloween activities. “We wanted to make it a fun evening but maintain a spiritual emphasis throughout the event,” said Natalie Bechtold, children’s ministries director.

Fifty kids, from toddlers to high school students, attended from the church and community. “We were really happy to see our kids bring their friends,” said Bechtold.

Families enjoyed a pizza supper, and then youth group members shepherded the children through many light-themed activities, beginning with a short worship led by Youth Pastor Miguel Verazas. Kids hit piñatas, played on a huge blow-up obstacle course, went on a treasure hunt, and created paper lanterns and lightning bug crafts. They also received treats and prizes, including glow sticks and flashlights.

“Everything was light oriented to drive home the illustration that we can be light in our community,” said Bechtold. “On a dark night, we wanted to be the opposite, making light and joy and creating great memories for kids.”