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Leoni Meadows Season Wrap!

Leoni Meadows Season Wrap!

Leoni Meadows Season Wrap! 1200 675 nccsadmin

Craig Heinrich, camp director of Leoni Meadows looks back on a camp season once in jeopardy with an air of incredulity, “We had a phenomenal summer!”

He gushed, “Regardless of the intermittent problems like finding water pipes that the fire damaged, and a few sewer backups, we may have seen the best staff, volunteers, and campers ever!”

As you look out from the lodge, the fog bank-like wall of Douglas firs is gone. Yet, beauty has sprung up as ferns and undergrowth are quickly winning the war on grey ash and red soil. Heinrich continued, “God brought the Spring and Summer reminding us He can make all things new.”

Cowboy Camp was the most affected by the fire as it ripped through the barn, wagons, stables, and trails. It was the one camp that almost didn’t happen.

The weeklong “cowboys” bunked in temporary canvas bivouacs, an experience harkening back to visions of the wild west. “Cowgirl” Darci Miller, a first-time camper exclaimed, “I know we couldn’t make the famous long trail rides due to the burnt trees and blocked trails but being part of the camper rodeo was the best part of my week!

Heinrich spoke on behalf of the staff saying, “Thank you to all who donated time, funds, muscle, and skills to save the Leoni Meadows experience.”

Featured in Northern Lights • August 25, 2022