Employment Connections

Employment Connections

The Northern California Conference is one employer with various entities throughout the Northern California territory. We work with our schools, churches, camps, community service and retirement centers to ensure positive outcomes for approximately 1,400 employees.

We provide:

Employment Guidelines to preserve the effectiveness of each ministry and to help accomplish the mission of the Northern California Conference.

Job Descriptions and Wage Scales

Employment Paperwork

Trainings for new and existing employees

There are many state and federal legal requirements, and we are here to help our entities stay in compliance with all the laws that govern employment. We provide this service not only as a mandate, but to help protect our ministries.


End of Year Procedures - Employment Procedures for all Student and Substitute Employees


School Year begins July 1st and ends June 30th

June 30th - Automatic Deactivation

  • Each student and substitute employee that has worked during the school year will be deactivated in both HR and Payroll systems.
  • No paychecks will be issued for hours worked after June 30th. Any work performed beyond June 30th is unauthorized unless a new PAR has been issued with an effective date of July 1st or later.

July 1st - Student and/or Substitute Employees Rehire Procedures

  • Fill out the Personnel Action Request (PAR) form designated specifically for student employees and/or substitute employees.
  • If multiple positions apply, list each one separately per employee.
  • A valid student work permit must be submitted with the PAR.
  • Data Collection Sheet is required if employee’s address or demographic information has changed.




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