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Honoring Public Servants Opens Ministry Doors

Honoring Public Servants Opens Ministry Doors

Honoring Public Servants Opens Ministry Doors 2000 1125 Ken Miller

Our churches are committed to demonstrating kindness, serving their communities diligently, and remaining relevant. A popular outreach method regularly honors the sacrifices made by public servants, both men and women, who serve our nation or communities.

Bob Mason, district pastor of Yreka and Scott Valley churches, recently offered the invocation at a ceremony to honor those who had fallen in the line of duty. Yreka townspeople and law enforcement personnel attended this event, and retired NCC pastor, Jim Crabtree, sang the national anthem.

In another instance, the Novato church planned an appreciation brunch for the Novato Police Department. One church member stated that while serving and eating with their uniformed guests, they connected by listening to their stories and noting their heartfelt needs. Most importantly, “they were able to pray with the officers.”

One Lieutenant emailed her appreciation to the Novato church afterward and wrote, “Thank you again for the wonderful brunch today. We enjoyed getting to know you all, and we appreciate the time and energy you put into making this special for us.”

The leadership of both churches believes that creating or attending these events can open up doors for service. Mason concluded, “I believe that participating in civic events and reaching out to communities in this way shows that our churches care about their community and are ready to serve those in need.”

Featured in Northern Lights, June 15, 2023