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Maranatha Volunteers International Project

Maranatha Volunteers International Project
Join us for a special work event June 16 to 23, 2024

The Redwood Area Camp (CA) Project is one of our many efforts based in North America. Each year, Maranatha works with organizations in the United States and Canada to provide volunteer labor for various construction or renovation projects.

The first meeting of the Redwood Area Camp was held on a summer weekend in 1951 in Redwood Creek. Since then, Redwood Area Camp has expanded to 100 acres of land and about 1,700 campsites. It says in the Bible that the “trees of the field shall clap their hands.” Every year at camp meeting attendees get a taste of just that. Some of the tallest trees in the world grow in Humboldt County. This area also features six rivers, one of which is on the border of the camp. Storage facilities, vehicles, trailers, and other improvements make the Redwood Area Camp one of the nicest locations where Seventh-day Adventists from Northern California and the western United States can gather together and worship in God’s sacred out-of-doors.

Volunteers are needed to help pour concrete slabs, replace flooring in one of their trailers, add gutters to the ABC Store, wood cutting, repairing fascia on trailers, fix front entrance sign and general cleanup.

Please consider joining this project before this year’s camp meeting!

Sign up for the Redwood Project with Maranatha here!

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Jun 16 - 23 2024


All Day