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Why a Residency? We use the term “residency” because we feel this is not another training, but rather a journey that the church and the Evangelism Department will be going on together. It will take a year and 6 modules together to finish the residency.

Revitalization Residency

We believe this is more effective for leader development and helping the churches get started on the journey to become a more healthy biblical church.

About the ACTS Revitalization

ACTS Revitalization is a six-module residency that happens over about 1 year. They run on 6 different Saturdays about 2 months apart. Each church pastor and their leadership team will need to attend all six sessions and agree to the pre and post-module tasks assigned. It is designed to help the pastor and their leaders understand the principles essential to revitalizing the church to become a healthy biblical church.

If you want to join a residency, fill out an interest form and we will reach out to you for a next steps conversation.

ACTS Residency Preview

We use 4 different methods to make up the ACTS acronym. Assessment-Coaching-Training-Sending with support.


We use assessment to help leaders identify their gifts and show them how different gifts work together. Strengths and weaknesses are determined and leaders are challenged to use their strengths wisely and empower leaders that have the gifts they do not.


We utilize coaching to help the leaders process through the information and plans they are learning and implementing. The coaches role is not to give advice but to draw out of the leader, through powerful questions what the Holy Spirit is already doing in them.


We train the leaders with different methodologies for mission, leadership development, and most importantly disciple-making.

Sending with Support

As we send the teams out they have ongoing support through coaching and various platforms to continue communication with practitioners and the other church groups that participated in the same residency. We want them to feel part of a movement of churches not just one church on their own trying to make it.


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