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Mentoring Application

Mentoring Application

Mentoring Application

The Marketing Mentoring program is shifting focus from an 18-month long process to a series of shorter marketing projects the marketing specialist will work on with your school.

The list below includes the most common marketing tasks for which schools need help. Choose one or two projects that are your highest priority then contact Carol Tilstra Nash at carol.nash@nccsda.com or (916) 886-5653 by Jan. 6, 2021. Or, if you would like guidance in choosing the highest priority for your school, please call or email.

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If your school has already applied for the mentoring program in the past, you will not need to re-apply.

If your school has not applied in the past, please work with your principal to gather the information outlined below and return it to Carol Tilstra Nash by January 22, 2021. For questions, please contact Carol at carol.nash@nccsda.com or (916) 886-5653.

  • The first step is to gather information on the willingness and interest from your stakeholders to work together in implementing a marketing plan.  To be chosen as a Marketing Mentoring school, appropriate representatives from each of the following groups will need to indicate by signature their support for participating in the marketing process and implementing the mutually created plan:

    • Principal
    • All staff members
    • Pastor(s) of constituent church(es). If there are multiple churches, 51% must be in support.
    • All board members
    • Parents (represented by your Home and School leader)

    Submit with your document packet a signatory page of aforementioned stakeholders.

  • Enrollment and potential enrollment data for the past five years is required. Feel free to briefly comment on the trends you find here.

    • Your school’s enrollment for each year for the past five years. This can be taken from the opening reports to NCC.
    • Your school’s retention for each year of those years. This is calculated by taking the total number of students who did return from the prior year and dividing it by the total number of students who could have returned for that year (This means all students who did not graduate from your highest grade level or move out of the area.)  This is expressed as a percentage. Please note that new students at any grade level are not calculated in this.
    • Your churches’ potential school population.
    • The number of children who will be school-age over the next three years (for all grade levels your school offers)
    • Where children are currently attending, by grade level (not by name)
    • Baptisms. How many? How many from non-Adventist families? How many parents were baptized because of your school’s influence?
  • Confirmation that your board has approved using the GraceWorks Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey, if it is needed for your school. The survey is purchased as a coordinated effort by the school, constituent church(es) and NCC. Very small schools can use a survey written by us, for no cost.

  • A cover letter including the following:

    • A brief outline of any prior marketing attempts by your school, and
    • Your rationale for why your community wants to be part of the Marketing Mentoring program, in one page or less.

    We look forward to hearing from you.  And feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Jan. 22, 2021 – School applications due to Carol Tilstra Nash, marketing specialist

    Jan. 30, 2021 – Marketing Mentoring schools chosen and notified. Carol will work with each school to create a project timeline.