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Churches Choose Revitalization

Churches Choose Revitalization

Churches Choose Revitalization 4032 3024 Ken Miller

Three churches recently engaged in the first module of a church revitalization training program. LIFE Church of Berkeley, Sacramento Fijian, and Lodi English Oaks have committed to creating a healthier church, serving each other and their cities.

Kevin Robert, evangelism director, explained, “This course is six modules long. By working through the courses and implementing the training, we see churches become focused outside their walls to become contextualized to their community. This means they are learning to intentionally interact in their neighborhoods, make collaborative connections with other community leaders, and improve their cities. This is serving and sharing Christ in context.”

Developing healthy disciple-making pathways is an investment in each other as they grow together in everyday engagement. That is time not only on Sabbath but serving neighbors anytime. This process also means investing in their members rather than programs, flyers, and other traditional outreach methods. The focus on creating healthy leaders and members inherently produces better community interaction.

Ron Pickell, pastor of LIFE Berkeley, stated, “I am encouraged by what I can only describe as the Spirit stirring in our church. Our leaders are beginning to pull together as a team, an answer to our prayers. I also see new people visiting our church. I feel that we are heading for a turnaround. Revitalization is beginning to have an effect!”

The module also teaches techniques from the NCC’s Organizational Health model to create better leadership teams. As a result, Sacramento Fijian has scheduled a weekend focused on revitalization at Leoni Meadows, a sign that this system inspires people to learn and serve.

Robert concluded, “I was blown away by the responses of the three churches after module one. People commented that they saw hope for their church for the first time in years. This is a very encouraging outcome for this module and the future of church health in the NCC.”

Featured in Northern Lights, March 7, 2024