Children’s Ministries

Children's Ministries


Barry van Iderstein
(916) 886-5654
(Beginning Nov. 1, 2021)

The Children’s Ministries Department supports and promotes all that local churches provide for the spiritual nurture of children, ages birth through eighth grade.

Children’s Ministries provides resources and training for leaders and teachers for the following ministries:

  • Sabbath School
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Adventurer Clubs

Children’s Ministries provides resources for leaders and teachers for the following ministries:

  • Family Friendly Church
  • Children’s Church
  • Children’s Bible Studies and/or Baptismal Lessons

Children’s Ministry can be more than a Sabbath morning class. Studies have shown that the fastest-growing churches are those that offer multiple ministries for children and advertise them to the public. George Barna, in his book Transforming Children into Spiritual Giants, states that if a child does not make a decision to choose Christ as his personal savior, the likelihood that a decision will ever be made decreases dramatically as the child matures.


VBS is … unique! Offer your community a Vacation Bible School that’s different from the other churches in town. Written by a team of Seventh-day Adventist children’s ministries leaders and pastors, the lessons feature an Adventist point of view that will connect with kids from your church and community.

For more information, e-mail NCC Children’s Ministries Associate Director Alice Merrill at

Learn more about this program at


Online Resources
An outreach website showing middle schoolers that God cares about their problems.
The Adventist Review’s magazine just for kids.


Children's Sabbath School

The GraceLink website has an animated version of each weeks lesson as well as games, puzzles and teacher helps.
The GraceLink app has a default library of felts that can turn your ipad into a 'quiet toy' for church. Sign up for their podcasts; a reading of the Sabbath School lesson each week. Videos are also available on Vimeo and with subtitles at Youtube, or subscribe to their RSS feed or on iTunes.

Teacher helps and resources are also available from the Children's Ministry Department at the North American Division.


General Resources

AdventSource has training materials, song books, program guides, and other materials needed for Children's Ministry.

Kids Ministry Ideas magazine has resources for all areas of Children's Ministry: crafts, Q and A, leader enrichment, activities, and more.


Vacation Bible School

Reporting and helps are available at the Children's Ministry Department of the North American Division.


Verified Volunteers

Verified Volunteers is our third-party organization, who conducts screening/background checks and provides educational services for North America. Verified Volunteers is dedicated to raising awareness and prevention of the mistreatment of the vulnerable. They work hard to accomplish this goal by training young people and adults about abuse, neglect, predators, bullying, boundaries, respect, and the perils of cyberspace.

It is because of the importance of reaching children that we strive to reach them each day with the glad news that they have a personal Savior that loves them.

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