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Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most critical task anyone could ever do on this earth, and we are all called to do it equally.

We could not be more grateful to all our members who returned $47.6 million in tithe in 2022. These gifts have funded the ministry in Northern and have helped connect people to an abundant life in Jesus and prepare them for His soon return.

In 2022, there were 682 precious souls who gave their lives to the Lord through baptism, and 119 joined through Professions of Faith:

·       11% of these were children 13 and under

·       17% were teens from 14-17

·       10% were young adults 18 to 29

·       25% were Adults 30-59

·       12% were seniors aged 60+

·       25% were unknown

Additionally, in 2017 only 19% of our churches were growing. In 2022, the number of growing churches increased to 39 percent.

Thank you so much for your faithful and compassionate giving!

Featured in Northern Lights, March 16, 2023

School Roof Collapses

School Roof Collapses 1924 1008 Ken Miller

March 5-Echo Ridge Christian, our Pre-Kindergarten through 8th-grade school in Nevada City, was dealt a severe blow over the weekend when the gymnasium roof collapsed under heavy snow and rain.

The building, in use, since 1963, collapsed sometime between 6:00 PM Saturday and 4:30 PM Sunday. Patti Osborne, the principal, stated, “We are thankful that school was not in session nor any of entities who use the space were there. Our gym was a critical part of the education program because it was not only used for physical education, but also housed the library, music department, chapel, art, and cooking class.”

Osborne continued, “Our gym was recently remodeled, including coverings for the gym floor. Additionally, for safety, and to protect the gym, we also spent $10,000 to cut down trees—and it was the snow that destroyed our gym. With the renovations, we rented the space to five local entities including a Sunday Church. We have all lost the space and the financial support so crucial to our small school.”

Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development, stated, “The snow accumulated quickly and mixed with the rain; the roof could not withstand the weight. The destroyed gym will significantly impact the 42 students and teaching staff of four. However, all classrooms are on a separate part of the campus and sustained no damage. The school will remain in session during cleanup and rebuilding.”

Osborne concluded, “The Nevada County Office of Emergency Services declared a local state of emergency after the recent snowstorm that took our gym, so permitting could happen sooner than normal.” If you wish to support the school, click here.




Featured in Northern Lights, March 9, 2023