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Biblical Sites Inspire Pastors and Spouses

Biblical Sites Inspire Pastors and Spouses

Biblical Sites Inspire Pastors and Spouses 2000 1125 Ken Miller

The NCC Ministerial Department recently sponsored a trip through Biblical Greece and Turkey for pastors and their spouses.

Jim Lorenz, ministerial director, stated, “We had two goals with the trip. The first was to inspire and re-kindle a passion for the Bible and ministry in our pastors. The second was to foster a deeper connection with spouses and fellowship with each other. Ministry can be isolating for pastoral couples.”

Cynthia Marin, a planned giving consultant and spouse of Jose Marin, executive secretary, said, “It was great to finally get to know pastors and spouses that we only say a hello or goodbye to at functions.”

Visiting the seven churches of Revelations in Turkey, the travelers were able to gain a historical context and relate the seven messages to the ancient churches in a new light. Denise Brummund, junior accountant and wife of Shawn Brummund, associate pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop, exclaimed, “Standing in the historical sites brought an otherwise black and white picture of Biblical stories to full color. It was stunning.”

There was something for everyone. If you were steeped in Biblical history and Revelation prophecy, the tour information could come at firehose speed. Other couples found that the food, the culture, and the locations created a sense of awe and inspiration in their lives.

Lorenz concluded, “Visiting the churches of Paul’s journey brought his letters to the Philippians, Thessalonians, and Corinthians to life. Being immersed in the locations, focusing on the history, culture, and locations was like living in the book of Acts.”

Josie Asencio, pastor of the Antioch Church, wrote on her Instagram, “Our last day, I took it all in… at the canal, Corinth, the reason Paul talked about the ‘Body of Christ,’ some church moms and some fun! This afternoon, I put my phone down and enjoyed time with my friends. I am so grateful I came.”

Featured in Northern Lights, March 30, 2023