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A Town’s Passionate Hard Work

A Town’s Passionate Hard Work

A Town’s Passionate Hard Work 2000 1125 Ken Miller

On April 19, the Paradise Church hosted its bi-annual event, Love Paradise. This event brought together volunteers from Paradise area schools, churches, non-profits, and residents for a day of community service.

Over 300 volunteers tackled seven area projects, including cleaning debris and yard waste from several parks. They targeted the main thoroughfare of Paradise by picking up trash, weeding, and other beautification tasks.

Paradise Adventist Academy students served at a local center that provides housing for mentally and physically disabled persons who have experienced homelessness. Students prepped and planted garden beds with new flowers and vegetables.

A church volunteer stated, “Enthusiasm and volunteerism continue to increase each time Love Paradise is held. It is an important community service opportunity to share the love of Jesus through service.”

Featured in Northern Lights, May 16, 2024