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Wai “Larry” Chu Ordained

Wai “Larry” Chu Ordained

Wai “Larry” Chu Ordained 793 608 Ken Miller

January 28- Larry Chu was ordained at the Alameda East Bay Chinese church.

Chu has served as the full-time pastor of the Alameda East Bay Chinese Church and with a Chinese language group from Stockton Central since 2016.

Chu stated, “This ordination gave me encouragement from the NCC and church members, strengthening my faith to share the great news of Jesus.” Jim Lorenz, ministerial director, said, “Pastor Chu is a kind and gifted pastor dedicated to his church community and serves them well.”

A passionate, hard worker, Chu said, “My goals are to continue sharing the gospel among my members but also increasing ministry to young people, bringing more of that age group to church, and connecting them with Jesus.”

In 2015, Wai and his wife, Zi Yang, married and have served God together. They welcomed daughter Dorcas into their family in 2020.

Featured in Northern Lights, February 9, 2023