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Passionate Hard Workers Ready Redwood

Passionate Hard Workers Ready Redwood

Passionate Hard Workers Ready Redwood 2000 1125 Ken Miller

Over Memorial Day weekend, over 60 dedicated volunteers gathered at Redwood Camp Meeting grounds for the annual spring cleanup. Harry Salvini, camp director, stated, “The wonderful redwood trees that make our campground so special also create challenging obstacles, namely fallen limbs, leaves, and toppled trees. We are grateful for the work this group accomplished over the weekend!”

With high grasses to be mowed, mountains of branches to be cleared, brush to be cut and downed trees to be removed, the volunteers worked tirelessly to prepare the grounds for the upcoming July 21-27 camp meeting. Jennifer Shaw, camp secretary, noted, “We’re attributing the overwhelming turnout this weekend to the camp’s increased interactions on social media, our dedicated church Ambassadors, and the camp’s new website nccsda.com/rac .”

The increase in volunteers follows the trend in current pre-registration totals, up 30% over last year. Salvini exclaimed, “We are thrilled that young and old families are choosing to come to Redwood this summer!”

One volunteer said, “This weekend was a fantastic family getaway. Everyone pitched in on important projects and enjoyed potlucks and free campsites with coworkers.” The consensus was that the work and camaraderie left everyone feeling satisfied, knowing that they had contributed to preserving the grounds. It was an enriching experience for all involved.

Shaw concluded, “We are excited to see growth in Redwood’s attendance this year. I believe that with Northern California Conference’s excellent programming, marketing support and the spirit of unity, hard work, and dedication displayed during the cleanup weekend. God can achieve great things when people come together for a common cause.”

Redwood Camp Meeting, scheduled for July 21-27, promises to be an enriching and uplifting experience for all who attend. For more information, visit nccsda.com/rac.

Featured in Northern Lights, June 13, 2024