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10.2 Decades of Contagious Kindness

10.2 Decades of Contagious Kindness

10.2 Decades of Contagious Kindness 1331 1707 Ken Miller

On March 4, Stockton Central Church member Eleanor Clayton celebrated her 102nd birthday.

A member of the Stockton Central Church since 1957, she and her late husband were passionate, hard workers with the Stockton Pathfinders and youth Sabbath Schools for decades. Church members report that she has always been ready to put her cheerful and giving talents into practice, especially when the church needed decoration for special events. She even hosted potlucks at her home.

Driving herself to Church every Sabbath until she turned 97, Clayton stated, “I just had to cut back.” David Peckham, pastor, quipped, “Eleanor is a very friendly and creative lady who loves her family and keeps a pretty good conversation. Her dedication to our church, young people, and Jesus exemplifies what it means to have a servant’s heart.”

Eleanor celebrated her special day with a High Tea and Hershey’s Disappearing Chocolate Cake. She reflected that the memories she treasures most are the myriad experiences she’s had and continues to make with her friends at Church.

Featured in Northern Lights, April 25, 2024