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Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement All Employees (Submit to Human Resources)

Complete and attach a voided check to request payroll direct deposit.
Employee Data Collection Sheet

All new employees complete and sign.

Employee Service Record Information

All new employees 20 years or older working half-time or more in positions lasting 12 months or more – complete and sign.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Form

All new employees complete and sign Section 1. Local employer representative completes and sign Section 2. (Expires 10/31/2022, updated 10/21/2019)​

I-9 Employment Eligibility Form Instructions

I-9 Employment Eligibility Form Instructions – Spanish

Social Security Card Copy Form

All employees must provide a copy of their social security card to receive a paycheck.

W-4 (2021) Form:

For all new employees to complete or for any employee who wants to change their federal tax withholding exemptions.


Child Abuse Reporting Info for Adult School Workers

All new adult school workers please read and sign.
TB Test Report for School Employees

For all new adult school non-contract workers who will work on a school campus when children are present please take this form to a medical office for completion and TB clearance prior to beginning work.


Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit

Certificate of Age: for the local entity to complete in accordance with California Education Code and as notification of intent to employ a minor. This form is also a certificate of age.

Work Permit Application for Minors

All employees who are under 18 years old and have not yet graduated from High School need a work permit before they can begin employment. Work permits are issued by the local academy, high school or school district office and must be renewed each school year.


Employment Application

For all new church and school employees to fill out prior to employment
R-1 Visa Policy

Considering hiring a foreign religious worker as an Auxiliary Pastor or Bible Worker? Please review the Conference’s Policy on R-1 Visas for religious workers first!
Student Employment Application

For all new student employees to fill out prior to employment.