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Employment Guidelines Booklet

For information and guidelines on hiring employees please see the Employment Guidelines Booklet.

Employment Guidelines Booklet, Winter 2015-2016 (PDF13 MB)

Contact the Human Resources Department to receive the printed version by mail.

Always check the website for the most recent forms and documents to help in the employment process


1. Assess Your Need and Complete the Intent to Hire Form

  • Based upon the need and your entity’s budget, can your entity employ?
  • Create a Job Description.
  • Complete the Intent to Hire form and send to HR with the Job Description.
  • HR will communicate approval, approval with needed of change(s), or deny.
  • Once the Intent to Hire has been approved, you are ready to post the position.

2. Post the Position, Accept Applications, and Hold Interviews

  • Advertise the position providing an ending date or “until the position is filled.”
  • Each applicant must submit the NCC Employment Application.
  • Review all applications for any possible red flags prior to scheduling an interview.
  • Pre-interview reference checking is encouraged.
  • Conduct interviews with qualified applicants.
  • HR helps coordinate multi-position employment.
  • Select the best candidate and offer the position.

3. Hire PAR, Wait for “Cleared to Work” which includes the Start Date

  • Submit the Hire PAR.
  • Employment is contingent upon any applicable required background check clearances that apply to the position.
  • The Hire Date of employment should be the 1st or the 16th of a month, which coordinates
    with the NCC pay periods. Contact HR for exceptions.
  • HR will send the entity a Cleared to Work confirmation which will include the start date.
  • Please notify the new employee of his/her start date and required documents for employment.

4. Employment Packet

  • Provide the employment packet to the employee on the first day of work and allow time for all forms to be completed.
  • See the employee’s original documents provided to complete Section 2 of the I-9.
  • Follow the checklist before submitting the employment paperwork to HR. Paperwork must be completed and returned to HR within the first 3-days of the employment start date.
  • Have the employee sign his/her job description and submit with employment packet to HR.

5. Accountability & Compliance

  • Provide the employee with his/her authorized work schedule.
  • Electronic time keeping credentials are provided by Payroll.
  • Over-time hours get counted into the annual Look Back Measurement.
  • Please verify and approve the employee’s worked hours at the end of each pay period.