Education Department
Transforming Knowledge to Wisdom, Character to Relationship, Skills to Service For God

Happy team.

Fun location.

Amazing ministry.

2000+ reasons to join our team

You will get a $2,000 signing bonus.  Whoohoo!

“The mentoring program has been very helpful, giving me a friend to talk to who understands the special stress that teachers have. My mentor has given me ideas for the classroom, as well as aspects of teaching that don’t get covered in education classes like parent-teacher conferences.”
Chase Wiedemann, Teacher

You can enjoy nearly any recreation in Northern California’s varied geography:  ocean, mountains, farmland, lakes and world-class cities.

“I appreciate and find our professional learning (PLC) groups to be so helpful!”

We offer funding toward your professional development costs.

“Here at NCC educators are empowered. What a great place to be teaching!”
Lisa Willis, Principal/Teacher

You can get a masters’ degree for free ––  not that you are hoping to do more school right now.

“I get the opportunity to work and collaborate with like-minded, supportive teachers. We are a family, and we are stronger because we are all on the same team working to bring students closer to God.”
Kelli Sterling, Teacher

We have a wide variety of school environments to choose from: urban K-12 to rural one-room schools and everything in between.

“I have been a teacher and principal in the Northern California Conference for 22 years, as well as in three other conferences. This conference is the best! I’ve really appreciated the overall safe, supportive, and collaborative culture cultivated here. This conference has made it a priority to work with principals and teachers to make each school healthy, strong, and a great place to work.”
Rick Nelson, Principal

But, the real reason: if you hear God calling you here!

Five questions that chart our course

The Northern California Conference Education Department has articulated our strategic direction by answering the six questions outlined by Patrick Lencioni in “The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business.”  We’ve found this helps us better serve our teachers –– by focusing our energy on simplifying your job since you are the people making a difference in student lives every day.

Why do we exist?

To empower education ministry

How do we behave?

Cheerful service
Looking for the good

What do we do?

Work with local decision-makers to develop and support healthy and sustainable schools

How will we succeed?

Collaborating on unified goals
Equipping colleagues with knowledge, tools and support
Ministering to each other

What is most important right now?

Educator retention and recruitment of well-qualified people

Six people who are here to help

Albert Miller

Superintendent of Schools
(916) 886-5644 (voice)

Coreen Hicks

Associate Superintendent
(916) 886-5650 (voice)

Wayne Gungl

Associate Superintendent
(530) 356-8704 (voice or text)

Patrice Osborne

Associate Superintendent
(505) 991-4292 (voice or text)

Larry Rich

Associate Superintendent
(760) 716-1800 (voice or text)

Larry Unterseher

Small School Pastor
(775) 223-3143 (voice or text)