2024 Evangelism Project Funding Request Form

Application for Evangelism funding. Pastor/Head Elder fills out, and sends AS PDF with board minutes approving it to Linda.terry@nccsda.com by November 1 or May 1 each year.

HR Form

This form should be filled out for anyone receiving an honorarium or pay beyond $300. The form should be sent AS A PDF to linda.terry@nccsda.com before your funding gets approved for Evangelism projects.

Closing Report Traditional Evangelism

This form should be filled out and returned no later than 60 days after the series in order to receive funding next year.

Bridging Events before Evangelism Projects Ad Reimbursement

Submit this form to Linda.terry@nccsda.com to receive up to 60% reimbursement for advertising (only) for any bridging events you do before your evangelism project kicks off. Note: This is not intended to be used to advertise your actual funding-approved evangelism project for the year. Bridging events only.