Religious Liberty and Christian Witness in a Time of Turmoil – Panel Discussion


Religious Liberty and Christian Witness in a Time of Turmoil
Highlights from the Panel Discussion Moderated by Steve Allred, NCC Religious Liberty Liaison

“We need to be connecting more with our elected officials to identify the need in our communities and find new ways we can collaborate to better serve the community. We need to work with government to solve the public health issues instead of fighting with them.” - Alan Reinach, executive director and general counsel, Church State Council

“Concern for public health is part of the SDA mission. It is part of the gospel. During the 1918 pandemic, Adventists put themselves and their resources at the disposal of government agencies.” - Lisa Clark Diller, chair of the history & political studies department, Southern Adventist University

“COIVD-19 is a global public health crisis, and leaders need to keep the constituents safe. Contrary to what so many Christians believe, we are the church. The people are the church, not the building. We continue thinking that by not being inside our beautiful sanctuaries, we are forsaking the assembling of ourselves. We still are assembling virtually and thriving together.” - Jeanice Warden-Washington, chief consultant for the California State Legislature, California State Assembly Committee on Higher Education

“The vast majority of elected officials are people like you and I that have chosen to serve their communities in a public way. They are teachers, doctors, mothers, and fathers who started at a local level and felt called to serve their community at the state level.” - Aaron Brieno, deputy chief of staff for California State Senator Ben Hueso, and director of the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law Legislative and Public Policy Clinic

“We need to eliminate the systems that are plaguing our communities instead of focusing on the symptoms. I am here to tell you if we look out for the people in the communities that surround our church buildings, and they know they are more important than proselytization, watch out Brother Steve, our churches would become full.” - Edward Woods III, minister and director of public affairs and religious liberty, Lake Region Conference