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Strategic Plan
Learn about our three Engage Initiatives

The three-fold NCC Strategic Plan focuses on engagement.

Engage Your Calling to Ministry

Ask God to reveal what He is calling you to do, and then ask Him to empower you to carry out your unique ministry.

Engage Your Church in Planting

Encourage your church to plant a new congregation. We hope to plant 12 missional churches in our conference by 2022, bringing the gospel to unreached people groups in ways they can understand.

Engage Your Community with Compassion

Step up to serve your community in practical ways. Let your neighbors see that you and your church care about service, mercy, and justice.


Korean Camp Meeting

Korean Camp Meeting 1200 675 nccsadmin

Over 900 people celebrated Korean Camp Meeting on the Pacific Union College campus. The first in-person gathering since the pandemic, joyful attendees rekindled friendships, family ties and worshipped Jesus. According…

Teachers Tackle Tasks

Teachers Tackle Tasks 1200 662 nccsadmin

Northern teachers met at Gracepoint church Monday morning for a conference-wide in-service. According to Lodi Elementary principal, Lisa Nuss, “We have four new teachers this year at Lodi so quick…

Why Are You Doing This?

Why Are You Doing This? 1200 676 nccsadmin

As part of the Northern California Conference’s journey to organizational health, and thanks to a generous gift, the conference directors and officers were able to fund seven community-relevant and mission-driven…

Yreka McKinney Fire Update

Yreka McKinney Fire Update 1200 621 nccsadmin

The largest active wildfire in California this season, the McKinney Fire, has impacted our church members and those connected to our churches and school. Within 24 hours after the fire…