How to Write a Recorder Article

Writing Recorder Articles

Here are some things to remember


Make the title a short, one-sentence summary of the article. The title should include a subject and a verb. (If you chose to add a subtitle, it must also contain a subject and a verb.)

Use a clear, concise and simple writing style. (Articles for the Recorder are news items, not essays, devotionals or short stories.)

Keep the article’s word count between 300-400 words. (The sample below is shorter due to limited space.)

The first paragraph should always answer the questions: who? what? when? and where? The most important information belongs in the first paragraph. The reader should be able to tell what the article is about from the first paragraph.

The rest of the article should include background information and supporting details.

To end the article, include details such as the result of the event or project, similar future events or projects, or a good summary quote from a participant.

Be prepared to see your article edited. Even professional writers rely on editors to make their articles clearer and to help them conform to publishing standards.

Sample Article

Silver Creek Church Hosts a Women’s Retreat at Leoni Meadows*

Many Were Blessed During the Weekend

By A. Sample Writer


The Silver Creek church in Miranda hosted its annual women’s retreat at Leoni Meadows, Jan. 6-8. With more than 450 women in attendance, the retreat included many activities and prayer sessions.

“The weekend at Leoni Meadows was not only spiritually refreshing but a lot of fun,” said Jessica Warner, who has attended every year for the past decade. “I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship of the women at the retreat; I haven’t laughed so much in a long time!”

Silver Creek church has been hosting its annual retreats since 1989. Initially a function primarily for local church members, the congregation now invites people from throughout the Northern California Conference.

“Many women drive long distances to attend the retreat every year because of the great presenters and topics,” said Lizzie Smith, coordinator of the event.

This year’s retreat featured several keynote speakers, such as Martha Stevens, best-selling author and vocal artist; Georgia Teele, television anchor and professional pianist; and Betty Thompson, humorist and novelist. In addition to keynote presentations, attendees enjoyed music, prayer sessions, and seminars.

“The retreat was incredible!” said Olivia Johnson. “I am definitely going to invite my friends who currently do not attend church. The weekend is a tremendous blessing.”

*This article is entirely fictional.

Some last things to remember . . . 

Need Quotes

Direct quotes are essential! They make the article interesting and lively, and they add credibility to your article. Collect quotes from people participating in the event, organizing the event, inspired by the event, etc. Please be sure to quote people accurately, as well as spell names correctly. Include quotes from two or three different people. If you quote a child, include his/her age or grade in school.

Put Opinions in Quotes

Stay away from the writer’s opinions, such as: Everybody enjoyed the event. Instead, interview someone and put his or her opinion in a quotation. “I really enjoyed the event,” said Mary Jones, Oakmont church member.

Include Contact Information

Please be sure to include the phone number/e-mail address of the writer in case we need to contact him or her.

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