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Elders' Training - 2017

"How to Preach the Word"

Del Dunavant, NCC Director of Church Growth & Evangelism

Experiencing God Through Worship: Platform Duties

When people lead the congregation in worship, they are helping the members experience God’s presence. This presentation will help you smoothly facilitate each part of the worship service, without distractions, and in ways that will enable people to truly praise Him. When elders learn how to effectively lead in worship, they will be less stressed, less frustrated, and filled with great joy. Del Dunavant, NCC director of church growth, will provide simple techniques to effectively lead in worship.

Visitation with Vision: Active Members
You can extend the ministry of your church and pastor by developing simple skills in visitation. Hospital Visitation and Non-Attending Member Visitation strategies will be taught during this session. Pastor Kris Widmer, from the Antioch church, will provide tips on how this ministry can become very personal and powerful.

Leading The Local Church
Being called to leadership in the local church is a call to provide direction for the most important institution on the earth. When you lead, do so “with all diligence” (Romans 12:8). Such an assignment should humble each of us and challenge us to learn everything we can about leading in our corner of the vineyard. Read widely, research, grow, learn, and find every means you can to make our Church effective in providing for the salvation of our neighbors and friends. God did not put this task to government or industry. He does not have an army. God gave the Church the responsibility of saving the world. Walt Groff, from the Rocklin Gracepoint church, will present ways for your local church to become the hope of the world!