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The Hispanic womens retreat will be held online, April 23-25.

Don’t Forget Me, a prison ministries rally and training day, will take place on April 24.

The Christian Men’s Retreat will be live-streamed this year, April 30 and May 1.

Watch Religious Liberty in the Workplace, a conversation with Alan Reinach, executive director and general counsel of the Church State Council.

Join the NCC prayer call every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Find out how.

The NCC Adventist Book Center is making pre-paid deliveries around the conference this month. Find out more:

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The Auburn Renewal Center (A.R.C.), a ministry of the Auburn SDA church, is currently searching for folks who have hearts for serving others. The clinic is now in year nine and has served over 20,000 patients from all over the Northern California region with their medical, dental, vision, women’s health, chiropractic, and mental health needs and is actively looking to expand from the current two days per week, hopefully adding additional days each month. All services are provided free of charge, and our client base consists of those who are non-insured, under-insured, unsheltered, undocumented or who simply find there is more month than pay check.

We are actively looking for retired and still-practicing professionals who might be able to offer even one day per month or who might be interested in becoming part of our Professional Outside Resource Team ( PORT ) to assist in providing services that we are not equipped to provide “in-house.” Currently, we have an immediate need to find a psychiatrist to replace the long-time head of our mental health program who has had to permanently retire. This specific position requires just a few hours each month, but is such an essential part of moving patients forward in recovery.

If you have an interest in exploring opportunities here at the clinic, know of someone who you feel would enjoy joining us, or are a church pastor, then please accept our invitation to come on up to Auburn and allow us to show you around and share inspiring stories of how God’s hand has been laid upon this ministry from day one. We have come to appreciate and rely upon the understanding that the A.R.C. is not an Auburn church ministry alone. Instead, the A.R.C. has become a community ministry supported by a vast variety of like-minded lovers of Christ. So, if you have professional skills or “people skills” feel free to come and take a peek.

Please go to our website at or contact Steve Holm 916 425-6766 for additional information.



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